Gnakgnag Freegob

Shaman leader of the goblin revolt in Eeskegoth. An ally against Lolth.


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Gnakgnag Freegob grew up on a Bugbear plantation in Eeskegoth. When not working goblins would sometimes discretely gather together, and a secret shaman would tell stories of their people. Gnakgnag became the protege of his plantation’s secret shaman and began to learn the ways of the spirit. He proved himself skilled and began to grow in power. As he grew up he spread his influence. When a rival Bugbear clan attacked his master’s clan, Gnakgnag seized that moment to lead a revolution. He and his fellow goblins rose up and killed their masters, and then went to finish off the rival clan and free their goblins. From there the rebellion grew…

When the party journeyed into Eeskegoth the revolution had reached a turning point. The revolt had grown large enough to gain the attention of the region’s powers and a true effort was being made to stamp out the goblin revolution. The party pledged to help the revolution in exchange for aid against Lolth.

The party helped in a siege on the city Korok, opening the gates and inspiring the enslaved populace to join in the revolution. Later Gnakgnag personally led a contingent of goblin, and hobgoblin, bugbear supporters, to fight against Lolth’s armies.

Now Korok is the capital of the free stat of Freegoblia. Gnakgnag Freegob rules as high shaman and is working to spreading the revolution to the rest of Eeskegoth as well as rebuilding a new culture in his nation of freedom and equality.

Gnakgnag Freegob

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